Name Dedication
Robin Avant In honor of my 3 BRBR alumni.....Cooper, Ruby & Barney!
Lisa Fite In loving memory of Butch Jones who went to the rainbow bridge on the first day of spring 2017. We love you Butchie ❤️
Dan Phillips Benson, my new bagle foster
Casey & Kelli James For taking care of our sweet loving Buster boy, and finding him the perfect new home. Thanks to all who take the time to help these dogs. The fosters, the volunteers and the adopters. Thank you all so much.
Robin Avant In honor of my 3 BRBR alumni.....Cooper, Ruby & Barney!
Cindy Rasar Adoption fee for Slick, and to thank M.Thomason and all those volunteers that help save our precious ones.
Dan Phillips In memory of Cassie the pit basset, a BRBR alumna.

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