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Belly Rubs Basset Rescue

We are an all-volunteer organization working to find good homes for abandoned, abused and unwanted basset hounds and basset mixes in Tennessee, north Mississippi, and eastern Arkansas.

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Name Dedication
tom & ann barrett For Oreo and Murphy who went to the Bridge this year...
Charlotte Gilbert Here's just a little Christmas cheer ..... My Milo would want me to give to his fellow bassets! I wish I could have given more...
Dana Pratt In honor of our Buford. Saw the Basset pups of Bonnie and Clyde. Just wanted to help. W will take them if we can get them to California.
Myrna Riquier In honor of Miss Dixie to help support the homeless Bassets
Nancy Kirt In honor of Guinness my BFF for 15+ yrs. Please use this donation for Bones' care and let me know how he is doing if possible.
Cora Mitchell In memory of Zoey Ann. These funds are to support Buddy (fostered by Jennifer). Thank you for helping him.
Ginger and KC Harbour In loving memory of Molly, our first. She made our family complete. Unlimited ear and belly rubs forever.
Deanne Grayson In honor of my husband David, who puts up with my love of basset hounds.